Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a very effective alternative to digging out and removing stumps.

Stump grinding of any diameter stump

To a depth of two feet

Uprooted stumps no problem

Surface roots

Multiple stumps

Efficient equipment, large stumps ground out in minutes

Access through three foot gate

Golf course friendly.

Stump Grinding simply pulverizes wood mass into a mulch like material.

Very effactive when stumps must be below grade.

Trees are not as durable as you might think!

(Handle with Care) when preserving a tree, Talk to us before any proceedings.

Prevention is the only medicine.

Services Offered

Tree Removal

Trees can be removed from any location with or without heavy equipment as job requires.

Low or zero impact to landscape as required

Tree / Site clearing for new construction

Dead hazard tree removal

Tree and brush clearing / any acreage

Farm hedge row maintenance

Wood lot clean up dead, fallen, leaning trees, Storm damage, uprooted trees

Brush, branch, wood chipping

Tree Maintenance

Tree Inspection and Diagnosis

Vista pruning - Looking for a View?

Tree shaping / Class A pruning

Farm, Hedegrow maintenance low limbs for equipment access.
Tree preservation prior to new construction.

Trees need to be  pruned to remove Hazard deadwood

Crown cleaning

Crown reduction

Storm proofing

Large trees that need low limbs to be removed

Crown thinning allows sunlight through

Young tree pruning for form and structure.

Residential & Commercial Services

Northeast Tree Expert Co. Inc.