Northeast Tree Expert Co. Inc.

About Northeast Tree

Tom meets personally with every client and will work with every client to make a plan that works, considering immediate needs, future plans and budget concerns.

Tom maintains a highly trained staff that work with well maintained and efficient equipment to provide a top quality job every time.

Tom Karkas Jr. Is owner of Northeast Tree Expert Company Inc.

Tom is a Certified Tree Expert - #339

His crew has the knowledge and experience to tackle any size tree issue!

Combine this with well maintained tree management hardware!

Tom has been working with trees since 1983.

WoodLot Management on a 300 acre track of land in the sourland mountains now known as McBurney Woods a preserved forest.

There are many species of trees there and many of the trees are very old.

His supervisor was very knowledgeable and he sparked Tom's interest in trees.

By 1986 his intrest soon turned into Residential Tree Care, realizing the need.

The tree care industry was still very young at that time. Tree care and tree removal techonology has advanced expotentially in the past thirty years.

Tom and his company continue to perform tree care with  the safest most efficeient up to date methods available today but parhaps with some old school wisdom as well.